The Restored New Testament: 

A New Translation with Commentary,

Including the Gnostic

Gospels Thomas, Mary and Judas

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“Barnstone’s new English version of the core texts of Christian scripture is almost startling in its freshness.  Scraping away many centuries of stylistic fussiness and supersessionist  distortion...”

--Robert Alter

Willis Barnstone’s The Restored New Testament is both an eloquent, fresh translation of the four gospels and of Revelation, and also a superb act of restoration...”

--Harold Bloom

“...Did you think Jerome’s or Tyndale’s or James’s ‘Song of the Sparrows’ from Matthew was thrilling?  Look at Barnstone’s.  Or look at his version of Paul’s heartbreaking lines of love in Corinthians 13.  If Barnstone through a long life of poetry, translation, story and memoir, in language after language, had nothing else but this book, it would be a lifetime of extraordinary achievement.  We are blessed by it.”

--Gerald Stern

“Starred Review. In an achievement remarkable by almost any standard, and surely one of the events of the year in publishing, renowned poet and scholar Barnstone has created a new and lavish translation—almost transformation—of the canonical and noncanonical books associated with the New Testament....The high bar Barnstone has set for himself is the creation of an English-language Scripture that will move poets much as the 1611 King James Version moved Milton and Blake. Only time will tell if Barnstone has achieved his goal, but his work is fascinating, invigorating, and often beautiful. Essential.”

--Library Journal

The Poems of Jesus Christ: 

The words of Jesus Christ are restored to their original poetic form  in this extraordinary volume. To learn more:  Click here

The ABC of Translation: 

A poetic meditation and collection of aphorisms on the art of literary translation by one of the most respected translators in the US. Translating literatures East and West, ancient and modern, Barnstone has proven insights to share, and does so in a light and humorous way though verse. To learn more:  Click here

Moonbook and Sunbook:  Poems

Willis Barnstone's new volume of poetry offers two sequences paired, pivoting on lunar and solar consciousness and comprised mostly of multiplying sonnets, two per page and mirrored typographically across the page-spreads. Elegant in erudition but always fluently conversational, this book is an homage to the poet's father and moving proof of an astonishingly productive life in letters. To learn more:  Click here

Willis Barnstone’s new book{Moonbook and Sunbook: Poems] is a magnetic miracle that draws the solar and lunar magic

of his immense learning into the space of marvelous poems.

His language joins  he mysteries of the sky with the enigmas of the

heart in a music unmistakably his own.”

— Andrei Codrescu

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