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Willis Barnstone



Mexico in My Heart

Mexico in My Heart is the essential Barnstone, drawing on fifteen collections, poetry from six decades of writing and from several continents. He went to Mexico at the age of fifteen and, gathering languages and literatures, has never stopped learning. 

The Poems of Jesus Christ

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Poets of the Bible

From Solomon’s Song of  Songs to John’s Revelation

The words of Jesus Christ are restored to their original poetic form  in this extraordinary volume.

In his own translations from Hebrew and Greek, Barnstone renders the texts in a variety of poetic forms, including long narrative poems in eight-line stanzas from Samuel, Job, and Ruth, and aphorisms, such as “Lily”: “A lily among thorns/ Is my love among women.” Barnstone uses Hebrew and Aramaic, rather than Anglicized names, as in “Expulsion from the Garden”: “The man names his woman Havah/ Because she is the mother of all the living.” His translations allow familiar narratives to be heard in fresh ways: “Those who live in a land of shadow/ See the dawn blaze.” --Publishers Weekly