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The Poet Traveler Lost in the Forest

Mother spirit of the forest, why do you vanish?  Why do you flee from

    our village?  Are you afraid?

When cattle low and crickets respond, you are a hunter laughing

    among bells, startling the beasts with noisy beaters.

In the twilight forest you appear as cows grazing, the shape of a

    remote house, are heard in the secret creaking of carts.

Whoever stays in the evening forest hears wild sounds.  Someone

    shouts at the hers, an ax chops into a tree, someone is


If I come near, you do not pounce on me like an animal.  No, you eat

    delicious fruit and lie down where you please.

Mother of the wild beasts, unplowed hank rich in foods, fragrances

    and  balm, spirit of the forest, I sing to you.

--translated by Tony Barnstore and Willis Barnstone

From Literatures of Asia, Africa and Latin America

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